Brothers in Arms

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Brothers-in-arms, the twain be,
with limbs, of chalk on meat.
Dance away, they shall today,
greet people down the street,
You. The. Aesthete.


Sindhur Reddy is a Bangalore based photographer, whose work has taken him to various corners of India. A traveler at heart who succumbed to wanderlust rather early in his teens, Sindhur is a story teller in the garb of a photographer. His approach to the craft is that of a patient lover, willing to explore his muse, understand, learn from, and ultimately, cherish the relationship so formed. Sindhur aspires to capture the stories through still photography, hoping to have the viewer see that which was often overlooked in the past.

  • Epson Matte paper print
  • Art comes in framed form
  • Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity
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