Desperate times, desperate measures.
We had held this post back for 3 weeks, thinking that maybe we can figure a way out on our own and we won’t have to ask for your help. But with the lockdown further extended till 17th, we have no choice but to appeal to you.
If you have believed in our brand ideology, loved us for what we do, please help us through this phase so we can walk out of this with our heads held high and with compassion for our people who we are determined not to let go. If we can help small ecosystems to survive we will bounce back faster as a country. The MSME sector along with the handloom sector is the 2nd largest sector after agriculture. It is the backbone of our economic system. Let us help each other to build this back mindfully, sustainably and with love in our hearts.
We look forward to your engagement with eagerness and gratitude.

Our bank details are as under :
Account Number : 50200022045666 
IFSC Code : HDFC0001755

Please click on the link below to pay through Paytm!





“HANDS THAT CREATE” is a new photo series of our close knit family. In this series we share with you how the people who create the very clothes you so adore and love, are coping with the lockdown and ask them how their lives have been impacted ever since. 
We pray for your safety and well being and we assure you, we are all in this together. 
A big shoutout to our followers, patrons and well wishers! Stay home stay safe! We miss you too! Till we meet again, be healthy and at peace. 


Nazrul is the head of the hand embroidery department. He is stuck here in Bangalore through the lockdown while his wife and young child are alone back in Bengal. He has a very valid point there, which somewhat reflects the ethos of the skilled working class and labourers of the country which is, if something happens to me or my family we won’t be able to see each other again. A hurried unplanned lockdown has brought about unprecedented suffering to this strata of society across India. He eagerly waits for the lockdown to get lifted so he can go home to visit his family. One’s salary can’t calm a father’s aching heart for his 1 year old daughter. These are human stories that are a testimony of the varied experiences, pains, worries, emotions that the common man has faced. How we support and comfort them is in return, a testimony of your own humanity.



This is Raju, our Master. Raju started working with us in 2008 as a tailor and has today grown into becoming a skilled Master. That’s artly due to our training and mostly due to his own hunger to learn and contribute more. He is a perfectionist who won’t stop till the product is to his desired satisfaction. We shut down office 3 days before the lockdown was officially announced for the safety and well-being of everyone in the team, so he could manage to return to his native in Andhra Pradesh just in the nick of time along with his wife. He has been helping his family in harvesting their crop for the past 40 days and is anxious to return to work at office! We make painstaking effort, to create textiles and garments that are sustainable, conscious, eco-friendly and cast a negligible carbon footprint. Today, we celebrate our people, the HANDS THAT CREATE