A home isn’t just about aesthetics, materialism or one’s spending power. A home exudes your values, virtues, beliefs, mindfulness & culture. When we make a home we balance the materialistic with the spiritual, while being mindful of a collective consciousness, with a spirit of Seva (service) and the philosophy of Soham - the idea that we are all connected to the Universe that is constantly supporting and nourishing us in ways we desire or need; identifying and being mindful that the Universe exists within us, as much aswe exist within Her. It is with that mindfulness and soulfulness that we approach our projects. It is our job to enhance the quality of life of our clients, vendors, associates; the whole ecosystem, because of whom we exist. We take innate lifeless spaces and induce life, warmth & soul in them. We marry your values with ours and translate them aesthetically, so that you can call it your very own.
Your temple. Your abode. Your space. Your office.
Your Home. 

Your office is your karamsthal. The place where you build legacies over time. The space where you spend more than half your conscious awake hours must ignite a state of mind that makes you your most efficient and productive. Our job as designers is to enable the client. So we created an environment of tranquility in neutral earth tones , so you are not stressed, no matter how much pressure. The earth grounds. To make the right decisions one must feel grounded. We created an atmosphere that evokes emotions, that catalyses efficiency. A tranquil enabling space makes you sharper. This office space is an eclectic marriage of versatile sensibilities - heritage Dravidian, industrial, mid century modern, colonial, with touches of tropical.

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